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About Academyst


Passionate about Really making Healthcare Work


In light of the financial and demographic challenges facing health economies, it is clear to us that healthcare needs some genuine innovation and no more so than in the way we approach education. Important learning needs to be made available to more, at lower cost and in forms that overcome the difficulties of escaping the clinical coal face. It’s just part of our thinking underpinned by our passion for really making healthcare work.

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About eMedicus


eMedicus is part of our answer to learning fit for a tough, 21st century. It is designed to provide digital learning opportunities as both point-in-time CPD opportunities and as at point-of-use support that integrates learning with doing. It provides ground-breaking packages of learning that reduce the per person cost whilst enhancing the learning experience.


Digital learning needed an upgrade. Few like learning by reading on screens and so we set about producing a platform that replicated the lecture experience and even integrated discussion and debate into on-demand remote learning. We’re committed to continually improving it but we think you’ll find that it’s already better than anything around. From super-fast video to a highly intuitive platform, you’ll find yourself focused on the learning itself, not on wrestling with the system.

Empowering Educators


eMedicus is designed to support third party and individually-produced learning products so that it becomes digital learning central for healthcare staff. Over time, it will fill with both clinical and non-clinical learning and we see the day when most conference lectures are replicated into the eMedicus environment.


Some of you will have invested heavily in your own education and developed a real depth of expertise to the point of being a subject matter expert. We’re here to support you in earning a return on that investment by enabling you to create successful digital learning content that we’ll market through our network and efforts. The lion’s share of the royalties will rest with you, providing the means to monetise what rests in your head.

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