Highest Possible Quality in Easy-to-Use Forms

When e-learning first appeared it was basically reading on screen and rightly nobody ‘bought’ it. Why would they? It was basically an expensive book! That was never good enough for us because it just wasn’t good enough for you! Learning quality & experience is our most sacrosanct principle.

Great Platform

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Our e-learning approach is based on our innovative CLICpoint v2 Learning & Interaction Platform. Wow, what does that mean?

In the past, even great e-learning was served from really poor platforms. We used to sometimes think “I bet this is really good if I can just work out how to use it!” The CLICpoint v2 platform is designed to make the usability so intuitive that Granny could use it and it brings with it learner interaction too.


One of the true disadvantages of digital learning in the past was that you lost the ability to interact with fellow learners. However, the CLICpoint v2 platform supports interaction, as much or as little is right for you, with fellow learners, through discussion forums unique to that learning or major topic area. This ‘richness’, coupled to news and views too, provides a unique environment in which to explore topics in a form as close to the very best of traditional learning as is digitally possible.

Multiple Purchasing Options

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Compatibility Note
The FLASH-based learning generally doesn’t play on iOS devices thanks to a minor spat between the late Steve Jobs and Adobe. This content must be viewed on a desktop/laptop or Mac.
See more: Wikipedia: Apple and Adobe Flash controversy