// INSU - Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations

INSU - Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations

CPD Points: 7
Duration: 7 Hours
Media Type: Clustered Asset
Provider: Academyst (eMedicus Ltd.)


This special programme is designed to update and equip you with a deeper understanding of some of the more recent system changes and how they are likely to affect Trusts and services. Our ability to understand and respond intelligently is perhaps one of the greatest determinants of service survival in a system that is looking increasingly wobbly. Our work with a multitude of providers also highlights just how many are adopting strategies and behaviours that are truly not in their best interests, increasing their vulnerability still further. We thoroughly examine how the healthcare system and economy is likely to evolve and what this means to you. We look at both the raft of policy changes or updates and the behaviours that we aare seeing emerge as a result. The programme is designed to not only get you back up-to-speed but also to help you interpret what sometimes seems without sense but underpinning which is a distinct intention by Government or NHS England.

Across the course of 4 core sessions, we will address the following topics. However, you'll find that the sessions are not organised in perfect alignment of the programme below. This is intentional. The topics below inform you 'what' you'll discover but we are just as concerned with 'how' you understand and interpret it. The programme is structured accordingly.

The Underlying Reality
We'll start by taking a hard look at the real figures on population and economy, along with how these impact our healthcare environment. We'll examine pretty forensically the Government's ability to provide extra money and how they might go about it if they choose to do so. The session is designed to ensure that we are crystal clear on what can, can't and might happen over the coming years, along with what this might mean for individual Trusts & services.
What's Changed & What Hasn't 
Next we'll look at how healthcare policy is changing and specifically what is different and what isn't. It's easy to think that it's always changing but there are enormous consistencies in the direction of travel. However, it's also true to say that seemingly small changes can have big implications and we want to ensure you know which ones are most likely to affect you.
New System & Organisational Models
The 5 Year Forward View brought into focus a range of new models and health economy designs that need careful understanding. Far from being just ideas, these are real intentions and payment systems are already being adjusted to incentivise them. Over time, derivations of these will affect most health economies and their implications for Trusts and services are huge. It's vital they are understood more deeply.
Competition, Mergers & Contracts
With the exiting of Circle Health from Hinchingbrooke and a number of higher profile merger failures, it would be easy to believe this is an area of falter and decline. However, for all the recent news there are a number of important considerations in this arena and we wish to explore them carefully. How might the agenda evolve? What is expected of organisations finding themselves unsustainable alone? Is Any Qualified Provider here to stay or is it going? What about Public-Private Partnerships? How should providers respond to this?
Integration & Devolution
We have seen major changes recently in both integration guidance and the propensity to devolve. Whereas this is entirely consistent with the background agenda of merging health and social care budgets, there's another side to this and a whole range of risks and threats that become impactful if not appropriately considered, as well as some opportunities too. This is an arena that is under-appreciated by Trusts and services, fraught  with pitfalls and where significant opportunities are not being considered.
Aligned Financial & Corporate Models
Taking a look at a number of initiatives, models and agendas, we'll relate system financial changes to them and illustrate the impacts on financial performance. We need to consider how the new models are being incentivised and what this might mean for different types of organisation and service. We'll also suggest sensible adaptations and approaches in response to these changes.
Upper System & Government Behaviours
So, what's real and what's not? Are these just guesses or are we seeing evidence of Government and system intentions? Confidence to act and adapt comes from having a sense of what's real and what's rhetoric. We are going to show a huge range of examples and evidence in the form of actions and behaviour that illustrate where the emphasis is being put and how fast things are moving. 
Emerging Conditions & Principles
Taking a holistic look at the changes as a whole, we'll examine the likely effects of these on the provider landscape and what this might mean in terms of critical success factors or vital behaviours. We'll look at what conditions are likely to create the most detrimental effects and what warrants reforms and adaptations. We'll also look whether current providers are showing any evidence of understanding these and what's happening where they don't.
Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations
Having thoroughly examined a rapidly evolving system and the conditions it brings with it, we'll draw it all together into a series of recommendations for staying secure. We'll also examine what security doesn't look like and how best to mess up your chances of survival – so you avoid these traps. We intend to create out of this session the basis for an intelligent assessment of vulnerability and a process to ascertain just how you might need to adapt, intelligently.
The Clinically-led Organisation
Finally, we want to examine the greatest adaptation of all – the transition to a clinically-led organisation. We don't believe that this is optional and we'll lay out the evidence for this assertion very clearly. However, for all its necessity, it's also deeply complex and frequently failed. We'll round off with why and how best to change that whether you are a service leader or a senior manager. It's very much in your best interests to park the hubris and bravado and find out what you really need to consider or do.

  • Get up-to-speed on the latest changes
  • Discover how the election seems to be influencing policy
  • Gain clarity on the true underlying state of the NHS, both clinically and financially
  • Improve your interpretation of what that changes mean, to you
  • Understand the adaptations necessary for suvival and stability

  • Doctors - Junior
  • Doctors - Middle
  • Doctors - Senior
  • Nurses - Junior
  • Nurses - Middle
  • Nurses - Senior
  • Business & Administration - Junior
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