// BP - Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People in Difficult Times

BP - Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People in Difficult Times

CPD Points: 15
Duration: 15 Hours
Media Type: Clustered Asset
Provider: Academyst (eMedicus Ltd.)


We have within our ranks in healthcare, probably the greatest collection of top tier intellects of any industry on the planet and yet we consistently organise, lead and manage them in a manner that not only fails to get the best from them but leads to disengagement and low morale. We believe that this is the biggest waste in healthcare today and it's very clear it has to change.

We need to think carefully about what we really need from our clinical teams, full of highly intellectual complex thinkers, trained to solve complex problems and act sensibly even when they don't have the ideal amount of information for complete certainty. I am pretty sure that it isn't "to be seen and not heard", the approach attempted by all too many Trusts who find their clinical teams adversarial rather than collaborative. The effect on many professionals is to leave them feeling that their experienced, well-intentioned voice is not heard.

Across 2 days, we are going to thoroughly get inside the nature of our healthcare professionals and look at how to organise, deploy, lead, manage, motivate and inspire them to transform what is currently wasted potential into a collaborative, passionate driving force for positive change, with the capacity to solve the huge, complex dilemmas facing our services, Trusts and system today. If you want to harness the potential of this group and radically improve how your department, service or Trust performs, we invite you to join us for two very provocative but practical and thoroughly academically underpinned days.

Difficult Times & Context of People, Performance & Morale
  • A challenging environment that’s set to get tougher
  • Understanding the impacts of the environment on people
  • Denial, defensiveness & good old Kuhbler-Ross
  • Putting people, performance and organisational sustainability in context
  • Can you succeed or even survive ‘in spite of’ people problems
  • 5 key pitfalls that destroy people effectiveness
  • Signs & symptoms that people effectiveness is eroding
People & What They Need in Difficult Times
  • Understanding people and what makes them tick
  • Understanding behaviour – critical principles
  • Understanding values and their impact on… everything!
  • Avoiding values conflicts & a loss of ‘belonging’
  • What do people need from their leader, manager & organisation?
  • Avoiding paralysis in paralysing times
Align Leadership with the People (or fail, your choice)
  • Leadership failure – understanding where we have it so wrong
  • Let’s consider healthcare professionals for a moment
  • Leading highly intellectual, highly autonomous staff
  • Distributing leadership to enhance engagement, innovation & ownership
  • Taking a transformational approach, safely
  • Mobilising your people – creating a directed (safe) movement
Freeing People to Perform
  • Adopting a robust model of people effectiveness - Enablement
  • Understanding enablement - WILL, SKILL, CAPACITY & AUTHORITY
  • Developing a sense of ownership & stewardship over the service
  • Fostering self-correcting behaviour
  • Principles of management by exception
  • Moving work into the open to lessen control
Motivating People & Managing Morale
  • Understanding morale and its link with performance
  • Assessing & improving morale
  • Motivating people – understanding intrinsic versus extrinsic drive
  • Understanding needs theory and how this impacts performance
  • Utilising human need to enhance performance and morale
  • Learning from the 100 Best Companies to Work For
Organising & Deploying People Effectively
  • Better deployment to improve productivity & morale
  • Organising principles for maximum achievement
  • Optimal group size for productive working & transformation
  • A team of champions – aligning performance, quality & people
  • Aligning people with organisational objectives, even unattractive ones
  • Generating genuine innovation and transformation

Getting People Working Together Better
  • The importance and principles of ‘platform’
  • Creating a platform for collaboration
  • Using vision and mission effectively in teams & services
  • Migrating strategy & game plan for enhanced alignment
  • 10 facets of team effectiveness
  • Conducting a team effectiveness audit
  • Developing a collaboration improvement plan
Tackling Difficult People Issues
  • Overcoming inertia & improving focus
  • Nihilistic behaviour and mood hoovers
  • Dealing with the disrupters, bullies & obstructers
  • Appropriate approaches to poor performance issues
  • Rectifying sickness & absence issues

  • Doctors - Junior
  • Doctors - Middle
  • Doctors - Senior
  • Nurses - Junior
  • Nurses - Middle
  • Nurses - Senior
  • Business & Administration - Junior
  • Business & Administration - Middle
  • Business & Administration - Senior
  • Allied Pros - Junior
  • Allied Pros - Middle
  • Allied Pros - Senior