// Commissioning - Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning

Commissioning - Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning

CPD Points: 10
Duration: 10 Hours
Media Type: Clustered Asset
Provider: Academyst (eMedicus Ltd.)


Brought about by the absolute necessity to properly understand an agenda that is fundamental to ongoing service stability and success, this is a day split between building a reliable picture of the structure and workings of the commissioning system and providing guidance on how best to interact with it at both Trust and service levels. In truth, the service link with commissioning is vital and yet very few services have an active commissioning strategy or approach. That’s even more likely to be the case when you find it mystifying and threatening. This day will change that for good.

By the end, you’ll not only understand this intricate and complex system but you’ll have the confidence to develop an appropriate provider-level commissioning strategy to ensure your service maximises the opportunities available whilst minimising risk. You’ll be able to reliably assess where and how your service might be vulnerable, as well as clear guidance on how to address that vulnerability. For those able to interact with commissioners successfully the future looks rosy. For those who don’t, it will undoubtedly be full of surprises and they won’t all be nice. One day, huge importance. You decide.

Defining & Understanding Commissioning
  • What is Commissioning exactly
  • How the new system differs from the old
  • Evolving Structure - National, Regional and Local
  • Specialised versus local commissioning
  • Understanding the different bodies
  • Health & Wellbeing Boards
  • CCGs & NHS England
  • Accountability, Power & Control
Commissioning Agendas
  • Alignment with Population Need
  • The Demand – Funding Gap
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Moving to Value
  • Competition & Choice
  • Safe & Sustainable Care
  • Integration Agenda
  • Provider Performance Management

How Commissioning Works & How to work with it
  • Commissioning Cycles
  • National Outcomes Framework
  • Understanding the Healthcare Planning Component
  • Buying & Contracting
  • Any Qualified Provider
  • Provider Licensing
  • Tendering

Optimising your Commissioning Strategy
  • Emerging Behaviour, Risks & Threats
  • Financial Implications & Improvement
  • Reducing Commissioning Risk
  • Effectively Engaging with Commissioners
  • Successfully Influencing – Where, What & How?
  • Stacking the Deck – Embedding Collaboration
  • Successful & Sustainable Services – Adapting the Mental Model
  • 5 Elements of Critical Thinking

  • Doctors - Junior
  • Doctors - Middle
  • Doctors - Senior
  • Nurses - Junior
  • Nurses - Middle
  • Nurses - Senior
  • Business & Administration - Junior
  • Business & Administration - Middle
  • Business & Administration - Senior
  • Allied Pros - Junior
  • Allied Pros - Middle
  • Allied Pros - Senior