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Duration: 13 Hours
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It is becoming increasing clear that we are on the precipice of a collapsing system. Whereas the precipitating factors of population and national economics are known, it is the complex, interacting set of conditions and behaviours that creates CRASH out of a crisis. The system, at all levels, is largely blind to the conditions and even blinder to their interactions and its impact. This leaves the individuals, services and Trusts within the system, incredibly vulnerable, without a clear conceptual framework with which to understand the problems and no clear pathway to survive, let alone thrive, through the CRASH. Whereas CRASH is not inevitable, the persisting presence of these conditions in an environment of professional naivety virtually guarantees that it is. It is time for these conditions to be surfaced and intelligent solutions, adaptations and mitigation to be created and implemented.



Session 1 – Do you FULLY UNDERSTAND and can you EFFECTIVELY DIAGNOSE the Emerging Reality

A Catastrophe Unfolding – Predicting Crash (0900)
Andrew Vincent, Partner, Academyst LLP

What the data tells us – From Bigger Picture to Operational Reality (0925)
Steve Allder, Consultant Neurologist, Re:Cognition Health

Losing the people – The systematic loss of WILL, collaboration & sense of ownership (0950)
Sheila Shokuhi, Consultant Breast Oncoplastic Surgeon, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Debate – what shape will crash take and how will you know it’s happening? (1015)

Session 2 – Are the Conditions Right for Transformation – Actual Experiences

Experiencing the Health Economy and its Transformation Capability (1100)
Sonia Swart, Chief Executive, Northampton

Executive Capability, Focus & Behaviour – Is it consistent with transformation? (1125)
Andrew Vincent, Partner, Academyst LLP

Direction from the Top – To what degree do the pieces solve the puzzle? (1150)
Nigel Edwards, Chief Executive, The Nuffield Trust

Grass Roots Capability – Are services organised & equipped for what they are facing? (1215)
David White, Clinical Head of Division – Diagnostic & Support, Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Debate – Do we have ANY of the conditions necessary for successful transformation? (1240)


Session 3 – Defensive Strategies – Coping with Crash

Cultural Defence – The move to Service-led (1345)
Andrew Vincent, Partner, Academyst LLP

Clinical Defence – Protecting & rescuing quality & safety (1410)
Sara Watkin, Consultant Neonatologist & Clinical Service Lead, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Financial Defence – Where potential lies & what’s in its way (1435)
Steve Allder, Consultant Neurologist, Re:Cognition Health

Debate – how should individuals, services & Trusts think and act? (1500)

Session 4 – Are there answers? – Through & Beyond Crash
An Intelligent System Response (1600)
Mark Newbold, Consultant & Former CEO, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

The Engaged Health Economy – Tackling our challenges together (1625)
David Relph, Director, Bristol Health Partners

Reflections, Conclusions, Perspectives & Directions (1650)
Andrew Vincent, Partner, Academyst LLP

Final Comments, Questions & Debate (1715)

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