// eMAX Package

eMAX Package
Everything, for unbelieveably little

Now TWO Versions of eMAX

You now have two options for accessing literally 'everything' for a rate that means you'll not be worrying about CPD for quite some time!

  • eMAX - The 5 Year Package
  • eMAX Annual - Same access but renewed annually

This latter version now means you can gain 'the world' but at an unbelievably low initial fee.

Let's Talk Through eMAX

Let's start by taking a few minutes of your time, during which we'd like to explain more about the packages and why we have made so much available for such a little contribution.


Two Mind-blowing Options


eMAX Main - 5 Years at Outset

The overall lowest cost, by covering the 5 years from the outset, providing the full benefit and nothing to worry about for many years to come

  • 300+ hours of video- and audio-based e-learning CPD
  • Attendance at Academyst & Grow Medical courses for just £125 + VAT per course day (as opposed to £195 - £265 + VAT)
  • Insights Quarterly - ensuring you are always in the know


eMAX Annual - 1 Year & Renewable

The exact same package, access and discounted attendance but renewed annually. Essentially, by purchasing eMAX Annual now, you can renew at the same rate for 4 more years. It's absolutely still limited in number of participants though and so once these are taken, they are gone!

(Renewal is optional, obviously)

  • The same 300+ hours of video- and audio-based e-learning CPD
  • Attendance at Academyst & Grow Medical courses for just £125 + VAT per course day (as opposed to £195 - £265 + VAT)
  • Insights Quarterly - ensuring you are always in the know


Help Share the Sauce

The eMAX Package is a limited opportunity which is hugely valuable to those taking it up. Please help the right people discover it by emailing it to your colleagues, junior staff etc, sharing it through your favourite social media apps etc. We've included a host of buttons below to help you!

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Thought you might be interested in this learning package from eMedicus that's available to a limited number of individuals. It provides 5 years of access (and other benefits) for less than the normal cost of just one year. CPD sorted!

Have a look via the link

Summary & Added Detail

So, in a Nutshell

You get access to 300+ hours of CPD leadership, management & professional development learning, along with £125 + VAT per day attendance rate for Academyst & Grow Medical open courses and a valuable insight service to ensure you are never unaware of what's happening around you.

For 5 whole years...

For a miraculous £750 + VAT or an unbelievable £295 + VAT per annum for each of the 5 years (renewal is optional, of course)

Why Everything?

Having built a great platform and filled it with brilliant e-learning across leadership, management & professional development (100s of CPD hours), with no outside funding at all, we now want to take our next development steps. Exciting... but we also want to outsource some of the development and speed it up a notch.

So, rather than borrow, or take a partner (or sell our souls), we decided that our need would be your gain and we'd allow a distinct number of individuals to acquire access rights to all of that learning for 5 years (instead of the usual 1) for just £750 + VAT instead of the usual £600 + VAT (standard rate for the 1-year Ultimate package).

Yes, you read it correctly, that's every last bit of e-learning for a whole 5 years for just £750 + VAT, as well as all the in-house e-learning that's still to come across that period or, just as unbelievable, annual access for £295 + VAT, which we are happy to do because the project work we are using this to fund is also scheduled over time too. That's not all either...

  • All that e-learning & learning packages
  • Attend any Academyst or Grow Medical open course for just £125 + VAT per day (see conditions)
  • Icing - we'll also include you in Insights Quarterly (see below)

Deranged or Desperate?

Neither (well, jury may still be out on deranged). Our thinking is simple - instead of doing the usual thing and borrowing to develop, meaning the costs generally filter through to clients in the pricing, we thought we'd do the opposite - create a totally no-brainer package for a finite number of people who'll be smiling at their good fortune for the next 5 years instead, and which also happens to allow us to get on and do what we want to do. Given study leave budget pressures and the like, it just felt like a better idea. It keeps us 'organic' and who doesn't like organic?

organic beetroot

So, What is Included?

All the e-learning

We have the largest collection of healthcare-specific, video-based leadership, management & professional development e-learning available today, amounting to 300+ hours already and constantly growing. You get access to it all. You'll never finish it because as fast as you do it, we'll be adding more. That's your CPD sorted for the next 5 years. If you are a trainee, imagine what your CV will look like? If you are a consultant, that aspect of revalidation will be a cinch and you can use all the budget you've saved for clinical learning instead without ever feeling you have to choose between one or the other.

  • Open access to all in-house learning packages & programmes
  • Includes all new programmes being added over the 5 years
  • Gain CPD certificates by taking short tests
  • Very high quality, video-captured live programmes
  • Huge diversity of topics

Hugely Discounted Course Places

Sometimes you want to attend courses that we don't have e-learning for (yet). So, we have included a special access rate to all Academyst and Grow Medical open courses (with a few conditions, see below). It does mean you could literally pay for your e-learning entirely out of the money you save on open courses. The rate is designed to cover our out-of-pocket costs.

  • £125 + VAT per day rate
  • First refusal on all new dates to ensure you get a place
  • No restrictions on the number of days you can attend

We have to have a few conditions on this but we're keeping them really simple. Any Academyst or Grow course is included but a maximum of 10 places on any course are for eMAX people. We guarantee the arrangement will be in place for the next 12 months and we intend this access rate to be available for as long as the three companies continue to co-work (which we have no intentions of changing anytime soon).

Insights Quarterly

There is a great deal going on in healthcare today and much of it has career and security implications for individuals and their services. The Insights body of work is renowned for being unbiased, with no agenda of its own, and thus an invaluable, intelligent and arguably vital source of insight for those mindful of their circumstances and futures. We want to see people grow, develop and gain influence, not find themselves on the adverse end of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Receiving Insights Quarterly - intelligent interpretation of a seriously off-balance healthcare world
  • Ensure you are always aware of what's coming
  • Get the bigger picture and the detail together, not detached

The Platform

Our e-learning uses the innovative CLICpoint v2 Platform, which is designed to massively simplify and enhance the learning experience, whilst allowing individuals to interact with fellow learners if they so choose.

eMedicus account screen

The Learning

The majority of the learning is video-based, captured from specially organised and run live events to ensure that it is dynamic and very much real life. It's as good as going to the event. Better in fact, as you can visit it again and again.

eMedicus learning screen

Learning Programmes Included


  • INSU - Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations
  • FPS - Defining & Delivering the Future-proof Service
  • HealthCRASH Conference
  • Commissioning - Understanding & Working with Commissioning
  • Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape


  • TDL - Transformational Distributed Leadership
  • Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principles
  • CASV - Creating Aligned, Shared Vision & Strategic Effectiveness
  • CLE - Clinical Leadership Excellence for Latter Year Trainees & Consultants
  • LFCP - Clinical Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principals
  • Foundation Course in Leadership & Management for FY Doctors
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness for Service Leaders
  • Core Skills in Setting Direction
  • UHTC - Unpicking the Healthcare Transformation Challenge
  • TH - Transforming Healthcare
  • RRC - Resolving the Recruitment Crisis from Within
  • Change Management Masterclass Programme
  • LIC - Leadership in a Crisis
  • F - Leadership in the Wake of Francis
  • Leadership Summit (2012)


  • RME - Rapid Management Effectiveness for Hyperbusy Professionals
  • Management Excellence for Junior & Middle Grade Doctors
  • BP - Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People in Difficult Times
  • Core Skills in People Effectiveness for Service Leaders
  • Optimising the Management & Supervision of Doctors in Training
  • The Effective Business Case
  • Core Skills in Patient Experience Excellence


  • IUO - Influencing Upwards & Outwards
  • Core Skills in Clinical & Service Audit
  • FFM - Finance and Financial Management - Core Skills for Clinical Leaders
  • Presentation & Teaching Skills for Clinical Professionals
  • The Productive Meeting
  • Core Skills for the Newer Consultant
  • Core Skills in Marketing, PR & Reputation Management for Clinical Services
  • Mastering Business Development Partnerships and Tenders
  • WTSL - Winning Tenders for Service Leaders


  • UTM Ultimate Time Management
  • ACS Advanced Communication Skills
  • Understanding People
  • IUO - Influencing Upwards & Outwards
  • Presentation & Teaching Skills for Clinical Professionals


  • Consultant Interview Skills
  • Getting the Right Consultant Post for You
  • Presentation & Teaching Skills for Clinical Professionals

Time to Act

We are doing this to intelligently develop the next stage, with a finite number available to fund exactly that. We don't need more and when thet are gone that's it. We're saying dithering might not be the best strategy...