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Group Learning Subscriptions (Packages)
Extending Learning Depth to Many for Less

In a Nutshell

Our ground-breaking learning subscriptions each consist of a collection of related e-learning programmes on distinct topics of significant importance to the security and well-being of services, as well as the performance of individuals, such as understanding our system, leadership or personal effectiveness, designed to allow whole teams to develop knowledge, skills and insight to a depth that is beyond anything else around but at a cost level you wouldn’t think possible. In fact, our Learning Subscriptions are so cost-effective you’ll keep checking the price to make sure it’s right!

That’s not all. Besides a level of learning depth that is truly enabling, you can also interact with colleagues to learn as a group, discuss what the learning means and consider how best to apply or implement it.

One small fee, huge depth of learning and an enhanced learning experience for a whole service of people.

Video Introduction

Watch the short video introduction to discover more about the thinking behind Subscriptions and why they are so powerful.

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Purchase Options

Group Subscription

This gives up to 100 persons in a single service access to the full depth of learning programmes and all that CPD for 12 months, built in to their very own Learning & Interaction Platform (see below).

  • Single Group Subscriptions start at £750 + VAT for 100 persons
  • Other Combinations can be quoted for
  • Enquire about our ‘Whole Trust’ version

Group Academy

The Academy version provides an enhanced Learning & Collaboration platform for clinical services wanting to use it as their backbone for successful service transformation, communication and management. The learning form is the same but the platform has many more features.

  • £1,000 + VAT for the enhanced platform
  • Each Subscription attached to it starts at £750 + VAT for up to 100 persons
  • Other combinations are available too

Subscription (package) Benefits

For half the cost of a typical in-house training day, you can develop immense depth of insight across a whole service of people in a subject area that is fundamentally important and valuable to their future. Just see why it’s so powerful…

Subscriptions in General

Designed to really enhance and extend learning in an on-demand, digital form but as close to classroom as is non-humanly possible.

  • Multiple, related e-learning programmes on demand
  • Develop understanding in depth over time
  • Break topics down into themes and zones – to add depth in key areas
  • Constantly updated and expanding content – new programmes added as available
  • Latest news with tutor comment – to enhance learning pertinence
  • Access any face-to-face (classroom) courses at the special subscribers rate of just £125 + VAT per course day per person (huge discount)
  • Interact with fellow group/ service colleagues, through the platform forums and communication tools
  • Access to a tutor for difficult to resolve questions and issues
  • Earn CPD points the most cost-effective way
  • Show your true commitment to a topic e.g. Leadership
  • Tools, sources & data to help you apply new skills & insight

Group Subscriptions Specifically

Ground-breaking CPD-to-cost ratio with a group-specific platform to discuss, share and learn together.

  • Enormous volume of learning for all group members (up to 100)
  • CPD points available on all e-learning components, for everyone
  • Learning is constantly updated & evolved, meaning we keep you up-to-date and always adding to your depth of understanding
  • Learning & Interaction site allows you to discuss key aspects with your colleagues and fellow group members – allowing you to better decide what it means to you!
  • News feed + tutor comments – allows you to better apply new understanding and see how it plays out in real life
  • Access to any and all Academyst Open Courses at a special rate of just £125 + VAT per day, for every single member
  • The key difference between an Individual Subscription and a Group Subscription is that in the group version, the Learning & Interaction Platform is unique to your group and you end up with a cost per individual for all that learning that is comparable to buying a single magazine per person!

Group Academies

The key difference between a Group Subscription and a Group Academy is the platform. The Academy Platform is designed to support not only how you learn but also how you put the learning into action, with advanced collaboration tools. It contains everything the Subscription platform includes but also the following:

  • Collaboration section – with project management, document discussion & rationalisation and the ability to generate help requests
  • Document store – allowing you to centralise important documents
  • Act – a ground-breaking alert system to manage service risks and threats (very similar to Toyota’s Stop-the-Line process, but improved!)

If a Subscription allows you to discuss and interact around what you are learning then an Academy supports you doing what you have decided you need to do! You will wonder how you managed without it!

The Platform

Subscriptions use the innovative CLICpoint v2 Platform from Academyst, which is designed to massively simplify and enhance the learning experience.

Discover more about the platform

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