Become a Learning Provider on the eMedicus Platform

Whether as a private enterprise or as an organisation-based business venture, we can support your aspiration to create great learning content and release it to a willing target audience.

Monetising your Expertise

The Platform

eMedicus is designed to support you in creating and releasing digital learning to audiences both nationally and internationally. We provide the learning management system and the marketing expertise, allowing you to concentrate on the learning itself with confidence, knowing that we’ll work hard to get you a great return for your efforts.

The eMedicus platform is intuitive and helps you build the learning. There’s always someone on hand to help if you need it too. The system will handle delivery, CPD certificates and all financial arrangements.

Royalty Structure

Each product is accepted by eMedicus on the following terms:

  • 50% Royalties go straight to you
  • 15% Commission goes to our marketing partners & network*
  • 15% Marketing supports our continued efforts to extend reach and find customers
  • 20% Management covers hosting, bandwith, administration & our profit

Unlike other platforms, we provide a transparent and fair arrangement that keeps the majority of the royalties in your pocket whilst providing arrangements that ensure increasing reach for your products, all without hassle to you. We manage all payments and business arrangement to allow you to focus on the learning!

*If the product is sold directly from eMedicus i.e. commissions are not payable, you’ll receive this 15% on top of your royalties.

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For Individual Producers

Individual Programmes

At the simplest level, you can create and release a single product or programme from as little as an hour of learning. Maybe you have a great learning presentation that you want to share. Perhaps you have a video of you delivering a really powerful lecture.

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Rich Topic-Based Environments

Our platform comes into its own when you want to really provide depth in a topic over time. The platform allows you to create clusters of learning and market them as a Subscription. If you are a subject-matter expert, why not become the default CPD environment for that topic, constantly adding more content and keeping things current, thus encouraging individuals to subscribe year-on-year. The more you build, the more subscribers you’ll have.

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Individual Portals

We are also releasing the ability for individuals to create a ‘portal’ of their very own, much like a YouTube Channel but without the hassle of building your own fan base. This is great if you want to create a series of unrelated programmes, or offer other people’s programmes alongside your own (you’ll earn commission for any sales too). This will appeal to individuals with a network of contacts who also want to build their own mini-version of eMedicus and promote great learning.

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Major Partners

Departments or Services

Is your department or service a leading authority in a specific clinical topic? We are seeking the highest level of experts to literally own a topic as a group, inside eMedicus, creating an extensive learning environment in that topic that attracts subscribers, as well as individual purchasers. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who will work with you to create a learning producing plan and a series of events that we video capture, edit & produce. This provides an enhanced level of learning and a valuable additional income stream for services in financially stressed times.

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Societies or Colleges

As societies examine additional ways of raising funds, why not consider becoming a learning partner to eMedicus, allowing your society meetings to be captured and made available to a global audience. For institutional partners, we’ll provide you with a dedicated account manager, support video capture of events and create a hassle-free means to get the maximum return on your investments in education.

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