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In a Nutshell

Our ground-breaking learning subscriptions each consist of a collection of related e-learning programmes on distinct topics such as leadership or personal effectiveness, designed to allow you tolearn to a depth that is beyond anything else around but at a cost level you wouldn’t think possible.In fact, our Learning Subscriptions are so cost-effective you’ll keep checking the price to make sure it’s right!

However, that’s not all. Besides a level of depth that is truly enabling, you can also interact with colleagues to learn as a group, even though you are an individual subscriber.

One small fee, huge depth of learning and an enhanced learning experience.

However, that’s not all. Besides a level of depth that is truly enabling, you can also interact with colleagues to learn as a group, even though you are an individual subscriber.

One small fee, huge depth of learning and an enhanced learning experience.

Subscription Costs

From £75 + VAT per learning subscription

This gives you access to the full depth of learning programmes for 12 months.

The Benefits

For around the cost of a single programme, you can develop immense depth in a subject area. Just see why it’s so powerful:

  • Multiple, related e-learning programmes on demand
  • Develop your understanding in depth over time
  • Break topics down into themes and zones – to add depth in key areas
  • Constantly updated and expanding content – new programmes added as available
  • Latest news with tutor comment – to enhance learning pertinence
  • Interact with other learners, if you wish, through the platform
  • Earn CPD points the most cost-effective way
  • Show your true commitment to a topic e.g. Leadership
  • Tools, sources & data to help you apply new skills & insigh

The Platform

Subscriptions use the innovative CLICpoint v2 Platform from Academyst, which is designed to massively simplify and enhance the learning experience.

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Subscriptions & Academies Available

Presentation Excellence

The Presentation Excellence Subscription  The Presentation Excellence Subscription is an in-depth learning environment designed specifically for those who recognise the importance of presentation effectiveness as a component of a successful medical career. If you are committed to developing your presenting confidence and skills to enhance your impact then this Subscription...

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In a Nutshell Access to ALL of our Learning Packages for one very small fee and includes: Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape Learning Package Leadership & Transformation Learning Package Achieve – Personal Effectiveness Learning Package Presentation Excellence Learning Package Each of these contains 20 – 150+ hours of...

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eMAX is a very special collection of e-learning because it includes EVERYTHING we have released so far AND will give you access to everything* we subsequently release over the next 5 years from your sign up. It is neatly organised into a small number of distinct sections (called Modules) as...

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eMAX Annual

THE VERY SPECIAL OFFER This is an annual package specifically for a very special, all encompassing price of £295 + VAT, giving you unprecedented access to: Access to 300+ hours of video- and audio-based CPD learning, beautifully organised Discounted attendance rate at Academyst & Grow Medical courses We have included...

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eMax Evaluation

VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY - EVALUATION EDITION eMax Evaluation is about you helping us evaluate our learning packages, platform and programmes so that we may develop and improve our e-learning offering to better meet your needs. You get a VERY BIG saving in exchange for agreeing to complete an online evaluation...

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The Achieve Subscription is an in-depth learning environment focused on Time Management, Personal Effectiveness and Success, encompassing the most comprehensive time management and personal effectiveness course available today for healthcare staff specifically. It's fully tailored to our unique healthcare environment and comes packed with considerable additional learning to optimise your...

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Crisis Leadership

What’s becoming clear is that the difference between a thriving service and one that struggles and lurches often comes down to depth of understanding and interpretation (leading to confidence to act appropriately) by its leaders and participants. It’s a whole new jungle out there and if you don’t understand it...

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Consultant Interview Skills

Most people would not even consider taking an exam without acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills and insight in preparation for it and therefore why would you approach perhaps one of the most important events in your life, getting the right consultant job, with any greater uncertainty than there needs to...

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Our healthcare system is heading over a financial cliff that is taking clinical quality and safety with it, along with the morale of hard-working committed staff and potentially the future health of our nation. That decline in system financial and clinical health is reported by Monitor and illustrated beyond question...

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Leadership & Transformation

The Leadership & Transformation Learning Package is without doubt the single largest collection of on-demand leadership and transformation learning available anyway, before we point out that it is specifically healthcare too, the commonest criticism of much leadership learning. However, I guess our reputation in this area speaks for itself anyway....

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