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Understanding the Evolving Healthcare landscape

CPD Value of Attached Learning: 25
Duration of Access: 12 Months
Provider: Academyst

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Our healthcare system is heading over a financial cliff that is taking clinical quality and safety with it, along with the morale of hard-working committed staff and potentially the future health of our nation. That decline in system financial and clinical health is reported by Monitor and illustrated beyond question by a rate of decline that has resulted in a third of Acute Sectors Trusts in deficit in November 2013 becoming two-thirds by the end of June 2014 and onwards to north of 80% today. That's fast and the slide in operational performance and clinical delivery is no less frightening. However, far from being inevitable, it is a function of our inability to adapt to circumstances (a leadership failure) coupled to an almost total deficit of the necessary understanding (a failure in insight). To change this, we have to vastly increase the number of individuals who know vastly more than now.

The Insights programme is designed to address both the knowledge gaps and the mindset misalignment that are so prevalent today. It's understandable - everybody is so busy sprinting to stand still. It's a comprehensive programme examining almost every facet of system change, why it is happening and how to think about it, as well as raising the vital adaptations necessary for service security. If you're engaged in strategy, leadership, decision-making or cost-improvement work, or find yourself being asked to engage in transformation that feels uncomfortable, this is something you need. Anything less than a deep understanding is tantamount to gambling with service stability and security. You'll find it enlightening.

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CPD Points Available

  • Insights - Understanding the Evolving Heathcare Landscape (7 CPD Points)
  • Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations (7 CPD Points)
  • Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning (7 CPD Points)
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness (4 CPD Points)
  • 25 CPD Points in Total

Learning Within

Insights is split into two distinct sections to help you develop a depth of insight in a systematic manner. These are:


This section has two main programmes:

  • Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
  • Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations


Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape
Evidence of System Failure
  • A thorough examination of systemic failure
  • Financial symptoms of failure
  • Operational symptoms of failure
  • Where is this going?
 How & Why the System is Changing
  • The changing nature of health and its population
  • Population dynamics, the change in balance & disease burden
  • The innovation dilemma and its impact on funding
  • The public purse and the hole within it
  • Impact of the banking crisis
  • The 'do nothing' approach - short, medium & longer term implications
  • The solution, like it or not
  • The Health & Social Care Act 2012 – what does it really mean?
  • How does it unfold from here?
 How the System Works
  • Major changes to working principles
  • Understanding current and evolving NHS structure and control
  • Appreciating a system in flux – the current is not yet the vision
  • New conditions that must be adapted to
  • NHS organisations & bodies – who does what for whom?
  • Diffusion of new innovations – business model reform
  • Changing healthcare delivery models – Lord Darzi's legacy
  • Increasing use of and reliance on the community
  • What does this mean for secondary, tertiary care organisations?
  • Aggregation & other changes in primary care and their impact on secondary care
 Understanding Commissioning
  • From PCT to GP Consortia to Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • The relationship between commissioning and the clinical coalface
  • What data will be used in commissioning, choice & regulation
  • Opportunities and threats emerging from commissioning changes
  • Commissioning for VALUE
  • Understanding value in commissioning terms
  • NHS Outcomes Framework 2013 to 2014 – changes & implications
  • Innovation, Health & Wellbeing – understanding the implications
  • How are services & specialties targeted for reform?
  • Decommissioning – how will services be chosen
  • Working effectively with commissioners
 Competition & Choice
  • Understanding & Adapting to Competition
  • Competing provider types – understand who can do what
  • Integrate or not – who’s doing what and why?
  • Any Qualified Provider – know the mechanism & implications
  • Borderless thinking – the removal of healthcare boundaries
  • Operating in dynamically changing environments
  • What does it take to be competitive?
  • Developing competitive strategy
  • Fully understand the choice agenda
  • The role of patient choice in competition
  • How is choice evolving?
  • The link between choice and experience
  • Best of breed competition and how the NHS must change
 Quality & Finance
  • Performance, Quality & Experience
  • The performance imperative of modern healthcare
  • How will quality be assessed and assured
  • The role of the Care Quality Commission in quality regulation
  • Quality risk for provider services
  • The impact of quality on service remuneration
  • Patient experience as a quality measure
  • The link between experience & service funding
  • Understanding how services are funded in the evolving system
  • Funding & quality – joined at the hip but how?
  • Payment by results (PbR) and tariffs
  • How will PbR change in 2013/14 and how will this affect you?
  • Income & costs – viability, sustainability & competitiveness
  • Critical insights in service financial wellbeing
 Critical Service & Trust Adaptations
  • Adapting our model of service effectiveness
  • How do NHS services need to change in light of this emerging picture?
  • Broad scanning – ensuring you are ahead of the agenda
  • The importance of an effective strategic cycle
  • An 8-dimensional model of service security
  • Ensuring that services excel across all critical success factors
  • Organising principles for ensuring success in all factors
  • Future perspectives and likely further evolution


Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & intelligent Adaptations
INSU1A - Introduction to Insights Update & System Performance
  • Introduction to the programme
  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Performance
  • Overall System Health
  • Response by the System - Getting a Grip
INSU1B - Early Behavioural Insights
  • Leadership Potency and how its failure plays a part
  • Strategic misalignmwnt and how it manifests itself financially
  • The strategic cycle and how to utilise it to improve decision-making
  • A very scary story of massive provider failure, behaviourally guaranteed
  • How the story is repeating itself
  • The most critical, critical success factor for service survival today
INSU2 - The Underlying Reality & Bigger Picture
  • The underlying healthcare problem facing all Western nations
  • Our problem and its financial progression
  • UK economic capability and how it is changing
  • Its impact on healthcare funding
  • Population dynamics and their implications
  • Ageing-driven healthcare complexity and its impact on demand
  • The shifting disease burden
  • Age-effect on different types of disease
  • Understanding the exponential growth in demand
  • What is it telling us about the degree of change necessary?
INSU3A - Current & Emerging Policies & their Likely Impacts
  • Performance revisited as a prelude to policy
  • Cascade of reform effects
  • Major tranches of healthcare policy
  • What's happening with the prevention agenda?
  • How has policy changed post-coalition?
  • Tariff changes with significant implications
  • Productivity targets and areas of focus
  • Upgrading our thinking about the change processes
  • Latest thinking on competition and choice
INSU3B - Commissioning Update, Intentions & Activity
  • Understanding the new commissioning infrastructure and how it is evolving
  • Local versus specialist commissioning and how they are changing
  • Re-shaping the healthcare system - core principles
  • Five Year Forward View
  • How is this different to Darzi?
  • New models of care
  • Vanguard services and what they are doing
  • Understanding the safety net system we have
INSU4 - Intelligent Responses & Adaptations
  • What does the new system value most and least?
  • Re-visiting the most critical, critical success factor and why it's a survival predictor
  • Organisational design and its impact on this factor
  • Understanding the root cause of inertia and poor decision-making
  • What does a stable and secure service look like?
  • Understanding the 4 Cornerstones model
  • The 8 Domains of Service Stability
  • A complex behavioural change journey
  • The essential culture for services determined to survive



This section has just 1 multi-part programme that helps you understad commissioning in great depth, as well as how best to work with commissioners.

Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning
 What is Commissioning?
  • Understanding the problems of the old system
  • Understanding the true purpose of the new system
  • Evolving structure - National, Regional and Local
  • Specialised versus local commissioning
  • Understanding the different bodies
  • Role & function of Health & Wellbeing Boards
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups - who & how?
  • CCG make up and authorisation
  • Understanding accountability, power & control
 Commissioning Agendas
  • Alignment with Population Need
  • Chronic Disease & Rearranging the System
  • The Demand - Funding Gap
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Moving to Value
  • Competition & Choice
  • Safe & Sustainable Care
  • Integration Agenda
  • Commissioning for Quality & Innovation
  • Provider Performance Management
 How commissioning works & how to work with commissioning
  • Commissioning cycles
  • Role & importance of National Outcomes Framework
  • Understanding the healthcare planning component
  • What information do commissioners use to take decisions?
  • How to interact with and influence commissioners in this stage
  • The buying/ contracting phase - what, when, how
  • The increasing role of outcome-based commissioning
  • Any Qualified Provider
  • Provider licensing
  • Establishing your new venture through the commissioners
  • Tendering & how to approach it to win
 Optimising your commissioning strategy
  • Emerging behaviour, risks & threats
  • Financial implications & improvement
  • Approaching disagreements agreeably
  • What can you do to reduce commissioning risk?
  • What prompts commissioners to change things?
  • Effectively engaging with commissioners
  • Building productive rapport
  • Successful influencing - where, what & how?
  • Stacking the deck - embedding collaboration
  • Aligning thinking - adapting your service mental model
  • 5 Elements of Critical Thinking