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Consultant Interview Skills

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Duration of Access: 12 Months
Provider: Academyst

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Most people would not even consider taking an exam without acquiring the requisite knowledge, skills and insight in preparation for it and therefore why would you approach perhaps one of the most important events in your life, getting the right consultant job, with any greater uncertainty than there needs to be? You wouldn't. In fact, we know that you'd want to absolutely ensure you stood the best possible chance of success and that is why we have developed the Grow Medical approach to consultant interview success. It's your future and so we don't believe you should take any more chances than necessary.

This eLearning version of the acclaimed Grow Medical Consultant Interview Skills provides all our skills and knowledge in an easily accessible, user-friendly package. We combine slides, video and audio to create a truly unique eLearning experience garanteed to improve your chances throughout the whole interview process, and beyond.


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Consultant Interview Skills Main Programme 

Benefits & Objectives

  • Get the best jobs by adopting the right strategies for your specific specialty
  • Develop appropriate confidence in all interview situations
  • Communicate in the right language and with the appropriate degree of confidence for your specialty
  • Utilise the full range of interview strategies to influence the result
  • Increase awareness of the necessary key topics
  • Gain valuable practice and personal feedback


  • Taking the strategic approach to enhancing your chances
  • Just what does it take to get the job you really want
  • Developing the right strategy to stack the deck in your favour
  • Small things that make massive differences
  • Bigger things that tip the balance
  • Enhancing a CV to improve short listing chances
  • Typical pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Just what does effective preparation look like?
  • Pre-Interview visits, creating personal presence & deriving benefit
  • Understanding your consultant interview panel
  • Building rapport with interviewers
  • Effective communication skills within interviews
  • Advanced interview techniques
  • Psychological techniques for increased rapport, impact & clarity
  • Understanding the reasoning behind the question
  • Answering questions within the context of who is asking - understanding the interviewer
  • Recognising the effects of your internal wiring on your approach to answering questions
  • Effectively structuring your answers
  • Talking about yourself & showing the real you - do & don't guidance
  • The answers you must have - knowing what to research
  • Handling difficult or unexpected questions
  • Dealing with ethical questions
  • Dealing with political questions
  • Developing business or commercial healthcare knowledge
  • Effective presentation skills
  • In-depth question analysis and practice techniques
  • Demonstrating initiative, personality, leadership and political awareness
Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape 

Benefits & Objectives

  • Really understand the NHS in which you work
  • Gain insight into the evolving landscape
  • Understand the implications of current-changes
  • Discover how to have influence in the new era
  • Ensure clinical services have quality at their heart
  • Avoid being hit broadside by predictable changes
  • Ensure you survive and thrive in the new environment


  • The Evolving System
  • A sensible model of the current NHS
  • Understanding current and evolving NHS structure and control
  • Appreciating a system in flux - the current is not yet the vision
  • NHS organisations & bodies - who does what for whom?
  • Understanding Lord Darzi's vision -healthcare delivery models
  • Increasing use of and reliance on the community
  • What does this mean for GPs and other community-based groups?
  • What does this mean for secondary, tertiary care organisations?
  • Polyclinics (sorry, Health Centres) - what, where, how & implications?
  • Why the radical reform?
  • The 'do nothing' approach - short, medium & longer term implications
  • The strategic implications for services
  • Understanding Service Funding
  • Understanding how services are funded in the evolving system
  • Payment by results (PbR) and tariffs
  • Income & costs - viability, sustainability & competitiveness
  • Understanding CIP and its true longer term place in cost management
  • Market forces and their impact on service funding
  • Evolving roles and how this contributes financially
  • Strategic considerations of financial evolution
  • Commissioning, Change & Competition
  • The changing role of the PCT - what this means for you
  • The principles in World Class Commissioning - insight & implications
  • The relationship between commissioning and the clinical coalface
  • Practice-based commissioning (PBC) - its role in healthcare reform
  • Practice-based commissioning (PBC) - opportunities, threats & your role
  • How are services & specialties targeted for reform?
  • Competing provider types - NHS & Foundation Trusts
  • Competing provider types - commercial organisations & willing providers
  • Borderless thinking - the removal of healthcare boundaries
  • What does it take to be competitive?
  • Critical success factors for service competitiveness
  • Performance, Quality & Experience
  • Performance, quality & experience in the context of the evolving system
  • The performance imperative of modern healthcare
  • The implications of poor performance in the modern era
  • How will performance, quality & experience be assessed and assured
  • Quality risk for provider services
  • Patient experience as a quality measure
  • The principles of the patient as conduit - the choice agenda
  • The link between experience & service funding
  • The Future
  • How will training evolve in the future?
  • The implications of a two-tier system
  • What changes could we expect under the Conservatives?
  • Impact of economic meltdown on NHS funding models
  • Broad scanning - ensuring you are ahead of the agenda
  • The 6 critical success factors of service success
  • Ensuring that services excel across all 6 critical success factors
  • Future perspectives and likely further evolution