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CPD Value of Attached Learning:
Duration of Access: 12 Months
Provider: Academyst

This is a Learning Package (Subscription) – lots of CPD for very little cost!

About Subscriptions

Learning Subscriptions (Packages) are a learning innovation designed to overcome the dual challenge of needing to learn in much greater depth but at a time when funds for learning are being eroded by financial austerity. Purchase of a package gives you access to multiple learning programmes built around a specific, important topic or theme, structured into sections to allow you to really extend your learning in that that area without regard to cost. The learning itself is of the highest quality, in video or FLASH-based forms, made available through a Learning & Interaction Platform that allows you interact as much (or as little) as you would like with other learners. Specific advantages include:

  • Huge volume of learning for one small fee
  • Learning is constantly growing
  • Full 12 months access
  • Learn on demand in bite-sized chunks
  • CPD available on all programmes

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About this Subscription

The Leadership & Transformation Learning Package is without doubt the single largest collection of on-demand leadership and transformation learning available anyway, before we point out that it is specifically healthcare too, the commonest criticism of much leadership learning. However, I guess our reputation in this area speaks for itself anyway.


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Learning Within

Understanding the Learning

This is an extensive but well-organised and constantly growing collection of learning designed to develop depth in the most important areas of leadership effectiveness. The learning itself consists almost entirely of video and audio-captured live programmes, many run specifically to cover targeted topics. Why? Because we attend face-to-face courses for a reason – they are still one of the most effective methods of learning, despite our time & cost challenges – and so our on-demand approach re-creates that classroom approach by providing fully video and audio-narrated or delivered programmes with slides – as close as you can get without attending.


The learning is split into 8 sections (or Zones, as we call them) and at the page bottom we’ll highlight just some of what’s in them too. The zones are:

  • Leadership Core Principles
  • You - the Leader
  • Vision, Strategy & Direction
  • Aligning & Improving
  • People, Culture & Values
  • Influencing, Communication & Engagement
  • Leading Transformation & Change
  • Leading in a Crisis

The Core Principles zone alone has a backbone, 2-day equivalent programme called Critical Principles in Transformational Distributed Leadership, itself £180 + VAT as a stand alone programme, before you get to 10x that in learning elsewhere. It’s an extremely powerful programme of absolutely the latest leadership thinking.


The following is not designed to be comprehensive and we are constantly updating and developing the content, of course, but this should give you a feel ...

To re-iterate, for only £275 + VAT, you will gain access to all of the programmes below, on demand and any additional programmes added over the duration of your annual subscription.


Main Programmes

The following major programmes are included:

  • Transformational Distributed Leadership (12 CPD points)
  • Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principles (5 CPD points)
  • Setting Effective Direction (5 CPD points)
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness (6 CPD points)
  • Leadership in the Wake of Francis (5 CPD points)
  • Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People (12 CPD points)
  • Core Skills in People Effectiveness (6 CPD points)
  • Understanding People (5 CPD points)
  • Communication Effectiveness (10 CPD points)
  • Transforming Healthcare (6 CPD points)
  • Change Management Masterclass (6 CPD points)
  • Leadership Summit (12 CPD points)
  • Leadership in a crisis (6 CPD points)

New programmes will be added to this collection over time.


Learning Zones & Themes

We have organised the learning into a series of zones to allow you to focus on different aspect of leadership & transformation capability. Currently this includes:


1. Leadership Core Principles

  • Transformational Distributed Leadership
  • Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principles

2. You - the Leader

  • Trust & Confidence
  • Leadership Lectures

3. Vision, Strategy & Direction

  • Setting Effective Direction
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness

4.Aligning & Improving

  • Leadership in the Wake of Francis
  • Getting the Best from People

5.People, Culture & Values

  • Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People
  • Core Skills in People Effectiveness
  • Understanding People
  • Leadership in the Wake of Francis

6. Influencing, Communication & Engagement

  • Communication Effectiveness

7. Leading Transformation & Change

  • Transforming Healthcare
  • Change Management Masterclass
  • Leadership Summit

8. Leading in a Crisis

  • Leadership in a crisis