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CPD Value of Attached Learning: 300
Duration of Access: 12 Months
Provider: Academyst

This is a Learning Package (Subscription) – lots of CPD for very little cost!

About Subscriptions

Learning Subscriptions (Packages) are a learning innovation designed to overcome the dual challenge of needing to learn in much greater depth but at a time when funds for learning are being eroded by financial austerity. Purchase of a package gives you access to multiple learning programmes built around a specific, important topic or theme, structured into sections to allow you to really extend your learning in that that area without regard to cost. The learning itself is of the highest quality, in video or FLASH-based forms, made available through a Learning & Interaction Platform that allows you interact as much (or as little) as you would like with other learners. Specific advantages include:

  • Huge volume of learning for one small fee
  • Learning is constantly growing
  • Full 12 months access
  • Learn on demand in bite-sized chunks
  • CPD available on all programmes

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About this Subscription

In a Nutshell

Access to ALL of our Learning Packages for one very small fee and includes:

  • Insights – Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape Learning Package
  • Leadership & Transformation Learning Package
  • Achieve – Personal Effectiveness Learning Package
  • Presentation Excellence Learning Package

Each of these contains 20 – 150+ hours of the highest quality, on demand video and audio-narrated expert lectures and e-learning and these individaul packages range between £75 and £275 + VAT each. That makes ULTIMATE - Complete External CPD Learning Package at £600 + VAT per annum an unsurpassed way of taking care of all of your external CPD needs on an annual basis.

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CPD Points Available

The points available within ULTIMATE are obviously a function of the programmes contained in the included modules. We are continually developing those modules and so the points will grow during your subscription too.

Presently, the BASELINE programmes in the 4 included modules amount to the following:

  • Achieve - Personal Effectiveness - 50+ Hours of CPD
  • Leadership & Transformation -  100+ Hours of CPD
  • Presentation Excellence - 20+ Hours of CPD
  • Insights - Understanding the Evolving Healthcare Landscape - 25+ Hours of CPD

That already gives ULTIMATE 300+ Hours of CPD available for just £600 + VAT, or a miserly £2.00 per CPD Point

Learning Within

Key Programmes within each module include (not exhaustive):


  • Ultimate Time Management & Personal Effectiveness (12 CPD points)
  • Advanced Communication Effectiveness (12 CPD points)
  • The Productive Meeting (4 CPD points)
  • Core Skills for the Newer Consultant (10 CPD points)
  • Optimising Handover (2 CPD points)
  • Optimising On-call Conversations (2 CPD points)
  • Optimising the Management & Supervision of Doctors in Training (3 CPD points)
  • Understanding People (3 CPD points)
  • A strategic Approach to Getting the Right Consultant Post for you (2 CPD points)


  • Transformational Distributed Leadership (12 CPD points)
  • Leadership Fundamentals & Core Principles (5 CPD points)
  • Setting Effective Direction (5 CPD points)
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness (6 CPD points)
  • Leadership in the Wake of Francis (5 CPD points)
  • Critical Principles in Getting the Best from People (12 CPD points)
  • Core Skills in People Effectiveness (6 CPD points)
  • Understanding People (5 CPD points)
  • Communication Effectiveness (10 CPD points)
  • Transforming Healthcare (6 CPD points)
  • Change Management Masterclass (6 CPD points)
  • Leadership Summit (12 CPD points)
  • Leadership in a crisis (6 CPD points)


  • Presentation & Teaching Skills (5 CPD points)
  • Advanced Communication Excellence (12 CPD points)
  • Understanding People (3 CPD points)


  • Insights - Understanding the Evolving Heathcare Landscape (7 CPD Points)
  • Insights Update - Appropriate Responses & Intelligent Adaptations (7 CPD Points)
  • Understanding & Working Effectively with Commissioning (7 CPD Points)
  • Core Skills in Strategic Effectiveness (4 CPD Points)